Friday, 10 February 2017

'Agents In Odd' - Waiting... (11/2/2017)

Yep, exactly that. A whole lot of patience is being called upon.

A whole lot of waiting and seeing now. Wish I could say more and reveal the details, but red tape.

Everyone who has even a remote amount of investment in this, or just some spare goodwill, keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, 13 January 2017

'Agents In Odd' - The New Year and more artwork (13/1/2017)

A Belated Happy 2017 to everyone! Hope everyone has made their resolutions and is raring to tackle the many challenges that lie ahead. For me, work has resumed on exploring all sorts of creative and developmental opportunities for 'Agents In Odd' and its new pilot.

Here's some new artwork I had commisioned as part of the new push, a mock up of a scene from 'In Red, There's Doom', courtesy of the ever loyal Luke Ceranic.

I don't think I will ever be able to thank him enough for giving my little series a face.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Pilot's Third Draft complete (11/12/2016)

The third version of 'In Red, There's Doom' was completed on Friday. I like how it's been shaping up, adding more dimension to the characters, as well as enhancing the mystery of the old house and the bizarre 'red room'.

The game plan, moving forward, is to do a fourth pass circa after New Year, and then perhaps a fifth before even considering doing the pitching rounds again. I learnt a lot from what happened with the various 'Miracles' pilots, and aim to at least avoid making similar errors and really having a fully polished piece to present.

I also did another production vlog on the subject, and what´s ahead, so check that out here.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Read the former V.S.T Pilot, 'Time of Miracles' (19/11/2016)

Yes, been a while, but rest assured, A.I.O is proceeding very nicely and should have more work down through the new year.

Meanwhile, you can now read the final V.S.T incarnation of the series pilot, The Time of Miracles:

More details on the how and why on DA.

Monday, 17 October 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Pilot Undergoing Second Draft (17/10/2016)

First, yes, I abbreviated the title of the show. Wanted to make it a little snappier.

Now, onto the important stuff: a second draft of the new pilot, In Red There's Doom, is about to get underway, once I do the evaluation. I aim to get this knocked out in about a week or so, and really expand on the core premise, heavily rooted in real psychology concerning colour, as well as amp up the thrills within a confined location.
I truly do feel reinvigorated and very inspired by the long overdue change up of ideas. Hopefully, it will stay strong.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

'Very Strange Things', Retitled (6/10/2016)

So, after a good near two years, the time has finally come: the series needs a name change.

Firstly, because a certain Netflix show has a very similar title, which just won't fly with potential producers, and second, because honestly, the title is a little on the vague side. Very Strange Things just doesn't sound terribly exciting, and it's not even that clear as to what the show aspires to be. In children's programming, you want something attractive and informative, letting them know what they are in for and if that interests them.

The series will now be called Agents In Oddities. Work on the first draft of the new pilot, now titled In Red, There's Doom, began on Monday, and I aim to get more done over the coming weeks. More updates are to come.

Monday, 12 September 2016

'Very Strange Things' - Rethink, Reduce, Rewrite (12/9/2016)

Well, after sometime, it's time for another update. So, after a much needed rest over in Spain, I had a chance to really re-evaluate the project and especially, the pilot. For sometime now, even after all the rewrites and effort, something hadn´t been sitting right with me concerning the Miracles story. It had a lot of elements I really liked, and felt it gave a clear indication of what kind of show I wanted to create, but its Achilles heel was that, as the scope increased, so would a potential budget.

So now, I needed to find a story that was imaginative, yet far more cost effective and more friendly towards potential studios and production companies. I´m currently hammering out a treatment for a contained story concerning a phantom vehicle that should up the suspense, the mystery and the investigative prowess of our leads. I will also not be as madly focused on it as I had been with the many versions of Miracles. Instead, I will work on it more gradually, properly shaping and honing it to my standards in order to make it stronger.

Updates will be coming...