Sunday, 9 April 2017

'Agents In Odd' - A Short Film (9/4/2017)

So, here's a little reprieve from the hiatus.

An early exercise for my Screenwriting Masters degree, I had to create a short saying something personal. Technical proficiency was not important, nor stylish editing (hence the somewhat grainy picgture and sound), but the ability to tell a cohesive story with a point within a tight time limit. Shot on my Samsung over a weekend, I told a very cut down version of the development of 'Agents In Odd' (known then as 'Very Strange Things').

Here's the 'official' version, at a tight five minutes:

And here's the extended cut, running 11 minutes longer:

Thursday, 23 March 2017

'Agents In Odd' - A Rest and A Change (24/3/2017)

Once again, progress has slowed (though gotten some good notices) and with my life taking a different direction, it's time for Agents In Odd to take another little rest. As with last year's hiatus, this is not intended as definite, nor a sign of abandonment. I am still very commited to what is, arguably, my most personal and longest running project. Through MI4 and Very Strange Things, Agents has followed me throughout my development as a creative mind and I would never dream of abandoning it.

That said, as I get knee deep into my Masters Degree in Screenwriting, I have to be realistic and explore other options. All the imagination in the world won't matter without decent credits or better business acumen and ability. That's what I hope to get out my time at Met Film School, based out of the famous Ealing Studios.

The game plan, for now, is to study and build opportunies/contacts while there, and begin potential rewrites and even a rethink of both pilot and bible sometime in the summer and/or the autumn. By then, I should have a better idea of where I want to go, what other projects will or won't be happening, and how I can fit Agents in with all of the craziness. That said, I do have one more surprise still to come on here before the hiatus kicks in, so stay tuned...

So, how else can you keep up with me in the meantime? Well, as I've said before, follow me on my Official Facebook, for all news, reviews and updates on my career:

Also, follow my Official Blog to learn about my other projects:

Friday, 10 February 2017

'Agents In Odd' - Waiting... (11/2/2017)

Yep, exactly that. A whole lot of patience is being called upon.

A whole lot of waiting and seeing now. Wish I could say more and reveal the details, but red tape.

Everyone who has even a remote amount of investment in this, or just some spare goodwill, keep your fingers crossed.

Friday, 13 January 2017

'Agents In Odd' - The New Year and more artwork (13/1/2017)

A Belated Happy 2017 to everyone! Hope everyone has made their resolutions and is raring to tackle the many challenges that lie ahead. For me, work has resumed on exploring all sorts of creative and developmental opportunities for 'Agents In Odd' and its new pilot.

Here's some new artwork I had commisioned as part of the new push, a mock up of a scene from 'In Red, There's Doom', courtesy of the ever loyal Luke Ceranic.

I don't think I will ever be able to thank him enough for giving my little series a face.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Pilot's Third Draft complete (11/12/2016)

The third version of 'In Red, There's Doom' was completed on Friday. I like how it's been shaping up, adding more dimension to the characters, as well as enhancing the mystery of the old house and the bizarre 'red room'.

The game plan, moving forward, is to do a fourth pass circa after New Year, and then perhaps a fifth before even considering doing the pitching rounds again. I learnt a lot from what happened with the various 'Miracles' pilots, and aim to at least avoid making similar errors and really having a fully polished piece to present.

I also did another production vlog on the subject, and what´s ahead, so check that out here.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Read the former V.S.T Pilot, 'Time of Miracles' (19/11/2016)

Yes, been a while, but rest assured, A.I.O is proceeding very nicely and should have more work down through the new year.

Meanwhile, you can now read the final V.S.T incarnation of the series pilot, The Time of Miracles:

More details on the how and why on DA.

Monday, 17 October 2016

'Agents In Odd' - Pilot Undergoing Second Draft (17/10/2016)

First, yes, I abbreviated the title of the show. Wanted to make it a little snappier.

Now, onto the important stuff: a second draft of the new pilot, In Red There's Doom, is about to get underway, once I do the evaluation. I aim to get this knocked out in about a week or so, and really expand on the core premise, heavily rooted in real psychology concerning colour, as well as amp up the thrills within a confined location.
I truly do feel reinvigorated and very inspired by the long overdue change up of ideas. Hopefully, it will stay strong.